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No website for your company?

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It’s a question I had asked myself a few times.
Usually, after someone gave me that puzzled, squinty-eyed stare when I confessed that my company, Face Value Communications, didn’t have a website.


A Website?


That’s kind of ‘anti- communications,’ for a communications company isn’t it?”

They Ask

Maybe, but who needed the added pressures of keeping the website current, of presenting a crisp, eye-popping layout, of needing to keep content fresh and compelling? Not us! But then I heard from folks who mentioned that it took them way too long to find us online. That’s not good for business, right? So, as we approach our 20th year, Face Value Communications now has a website. Of sorts. This is it.  All of it. Seriously. No bulky menu. No drop-down navigation. Almost no clicking. Because now that you’ve found us, what I’d really like to do is have a conversation.

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